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How to Prepare For an EMP Attack

There is an imminent possibility of an EMP (Electro-magnetic pulse) attack and majority of the populaces have a clue about the attack but doesn’t know the best ways through which they can prepare for the attack in advance. As a matter of facts, an electro-magnetic pulse attack will always target to kill all electronics especially the ones with microchips and the ones that doesn’t have these microchips but are connected to power grids. An electronic like a refrigerator doesn’t have a microchip but it will get affected when connected to the grid. Therefore, ensure to have a tech protect bag or the faraday bags that will enable you preserve and protect your treasured electronics that will still be effective after the EMP attack from the attack. Jotted below in this article are some facts about the EMP attack and tips that will help you get ready for the attack.

First and foremost, you need to understand that an EMP attack can never be forecasted or predicted as to when the attack will surface. There is therefore need for you to start preparing in advance. Basically, the size, strength and proximity of the attack are unknown and it could affect the entire nation. The attack is also prone to last for six months up to ten years and this is enough time to ruin the nation completely. It deems fit that you get prepared for the attack in advance as this is the only way to earn your survival past the attack.

Basically, having faraday bags ready will enable you protect some electronics that you can use past the attack. For instance, where you have a solar generator, you should ensure to protect it entirely using the faraday cage or bag and this will enable you have a source of power after the attack. There is no need for you to have a cellphone as the cellphone will be inessential after the attack. Instead, you should ensure to have a walkie-talkie which cannot be affected by an EMP attack. Nesting is integral whenever you are using the faraday bags. When it comes to nesting, you are required to position one faraday bag inside the other. This will reinforce the protection in case an EMP attacks.

The last consideration to make is planning about your survival for those six months or past the six months. This is where you maker plans about your feeding. Therefore, make a point of having food ready that has long shelf life and even seeds for food growing. That way, you will always have enough o eat before producing your own and after the production. There are other things like water, personal hygiene items and even self-defense items.

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