I Have Found an Awesome Girlfriend

I have been on a real hot streak since I got here, although I can not bring myself to chalk it all up to good fortune. The big thing is that I have a really great girlfriend and that is the reason all of the other stuff has gone so well. I met her at a company party, but at the time I had no clue who she was. I knew that she was gorgeous and she only uses natural makeup, things that are not made out of chemicals I suppose. In fact I find that really attractive and she is really confident too. The girl knows what she has and she is completely comfortable with that. The great thing for me has been the fact that she is really quite well off and she has let me stay in a place on her property. She was not ready to let me move in with her, but I told her I was still looking for a place to stay permanently and she showed me this loft over the garage.

Of course this is not an ordinary garage. Right now it is largely empty, but there is an old pick up truck that someone started to rebuild and she has her own pick up truck, an old tractor and an old MG midget. That is in perfect condition, but the things are not really designed for the cold months of the year. At any rate the garage is probably big enough for half a dozen cars with lots of room to spare and the loft above it is plenty big enough for a person. You have to walk down a set of stairs to use the bathroom and to take a shower, but that is not any sort of real inconvenience.

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