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Preventive Measures in Wearing a Necktie

Men usually wore necktie as part of their suits. Neckties top up a man’s appearance whichever events he may be. A man looked more manly with neckties. When a man enters a certain event, the first thing that would be noticeable will be his necktie that highlight his clothing. For this, a man must be selective with the necktie to choice that would fit best with his color and suit. Incorrect necktie coordination is unpleasant to the eyes. Women this days can also use necktie as part of their dress accessory. To be able to look smart, you should follow the proper way to wear a tie.

Upon choosing a necktie, it’s best to remember to feel first the fabric of the tie. Before paying to check first the fabric. Silk ties are perfect because it’s best and easily worn and lightweight. Another material to choose is wool, it may not be as perfect as the silk but it also can be worn nicely. A cotton type necktie comes in the last option because it’s not as lightweight as the silk. Although their are a lot of guides and choices, you must also remember to choice based on your preference. However, there are things that you will take into consideration to pick the right color. You can seek the experts on ways on how to properly contrast and complement you tie with your suit. A total contrast would be best if the shirt complements the tie you are wearing. This is best when light colored shirt can go with darker ties, and dark shirts fits best with light ties, and vice versa. You can still pick your favorite color but always remember that they should be in different shade for them to compliment each other. Picking a premier color that would match the tie would help to compliment a checked, striped and printed shirts. It is a bit confusing when dealing with patterned neckties. One thing to remember is to choice solid ties when wearing patterned shirts, or solid shirts with patterned ties.

Studies claimed that bacteria can stick to ties and can spread easily especially those in the medical fields. With this reason, medical doctors are not wearing neckties.

Try to avoid tight wearing neckties, because this can cause more of your blood pressure to go high. Studies claimed that high blood pressure can also cause glaucoma. As best as possible do not wear neckties with rotating machines because this might kill you.

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