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Advantages of Bunded Fuel Tanks

If you need to store fuels, chemicals or other fluids for domestic or commercial use, you will probably understand need for safety. Traditional fuel tank expose you to more risk of spillages due to their design and this is dangerous because it may cause accidents like fires. Bunded tanks have a safety margin with the presence of an outer second tank shell, holding fuel without spillages or leaks. Using bunded tanks has numerous advantages that are not available when using the traditional fuel tanks.

Fuels are among the most sought-after commodities by people and you should employ storage methods that will keep of thieves. It would be absurd to therefore think that your fuel is safe when stored in a traditional dingle shelled tank which can be easily punctured and your commodities stolen, it is better that you store them in a bunded tank that provides added safety. A bunded tank is better because the two walls make it difficult to tamper with the liquids in the tank and this keeps off thieves. The added security feature is not only a deterrent to thieves but also sabotages their efforts to access the fuels in the storage tank.

Liquid fuels are usually toxic, flammable and at times corrosive, therefore spillages and leakages would extremely hazardous. The added protection by the second tank holds any spilled fuel or liquid material that could have been otherwise be a risk to your employees and you. This also ensures that the spillage doesn’t come into contact with the environment and causing environment degradation.

When you put up a storage facilities make sure that it is up to the required state by ensuring that you abide by all provided protocol. To avoid consequences and keep your facility safe, choose a bunded fuel tank for storage. Bunded fuel tanks are ISO 9001 accredited meaning that they meet the global standard in quality management for additional assurance. It will have benefits when insuring, because insurance team may charge you less commercial premiums the reason being your storage choice attracts kisser risks.

You may experience minimum profits in your business and the cause is the spillages and leakages of fuel especially if you trade in the material. Bunded fuel tanks provide additional protection against fuel wastage by containing leaks, therefore you won’t see your returns ebb away or losing out in cost of material.

Moreover there no other tanks that offer easier and safer doors that make handling much easier and time saving. Take a look at these tanks, and you will get one that serves your purpose with the wide range of size and design in the market.

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